The Tanks of Pembroke Dock
This page is a photo record of the arrival and sad departing of the tanks that have over the years been presented to Pembroke Dock The first tank presented to the Town was placed in the Memorial Park when it was opened on Saturday the 2nd May 1925 It was an impressive ceremony, crowds to the total of several thousand, assembled to pay homage to the gallant memory of the fallen heroes of Pembroke Dock who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914 - 1918. It is a coincidence that Gwyther Street, the adjacent thoroughfare leading to the park, contained the homes of the largest number of men who fell in the war.
The Tank arrives The Tank arrives The Tank arrives
The Second tank arrived in Pembroke Dock in 1997....the plaque stated the tank was given to the Town by the MOD with thanks to the efforts of the Portman Light Dragoons and the office commanding RAC Range Castlemartin
The Tank arrives The Tank arrives
And sadly left under the cover of darkness on the evening of February 18th 2009....More Soon
The following pictures are with thanks to Paul Harrison Photography Haverfordwest
The History of Pembroke Dock est.1814
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